Saturday, July 20, 2013

Eat Yer Bell Peppers

In an attempt to get my little one to try more fruits and veggies, I turned to the internet and found this website with a wide list of Bell Pepper ideas.  The one that I thought I could use in my kitchen was the array of colorful bell pepper flowers.

I went Sprouts, like I normally do, and went out of my way to pick a peck of peppers that had 4 sections to them.   In an attempt to further gain the kiddo's interest, I added sour cream and a few pieces of shredded carrot. Shredded carrot tends to be easier for toddlers to eat. It also reminded me of the stamen part of the flower and ended up making my bell pepper garden a little more fun.

In the end, she ended up tasting a few of the peppers and eating most of the sour cream. This experiment was quite a while ago. Now she is a super champ at eating bell peppers and loves them with hummus. Making a food appealing can take a bit more effort, but I think it is well worth it. 

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