Monday, July 22, 2013

Arthur's Baby and my babies

Growing up, we read a lot of Arthur books.  In the 1990's, PBS started a show based on the books. My brothers and I delighted in watching Arthur quite often.  I admit, we watched it well into our teens.  It is a fun, sassy show that is suited for a younger audience without pandering to it.  The books are that way too.  Lots of clever quips from D.W. - Arthur's smarty pants sister, and plenty of sweet moments from the whole family.

Tonight the bedtime story our 3 year old selected was Arthur's Baby.  In the story, Arthur learns that his parents are expecting another little one.  While his sister is pleased, he is a bit apprehensive about the thought of a small person being added to his young life.  It is a wonderful book and as an adult, the drawings of the hospital led me to memories of my own experiences.

I don't remember much about when my brothers were born or what an enormous upheaval it was to the family schedule, but I do remember what it was like with my children.  Most of all, the book made me think about my experiences as the mother bringing a child into the world. I thought about all the work and care that was taken by the nurses and staff there to ensure that me, my baby, and my family were doing all right.

Labor is never easy, but I was blessed to be able to deliver my daughter and my son without any medical concerns for myself or for them.Some people might think that after you deliver the baby, you're done and ready to start caring for them right away.  Sorry, not true!  After comes the healing.  If you are fortunate like I was, you get caring individuals who tend for you. You get incredible, fantastic, sent-from-heaven people commonly referred to as nurses.

Now, I know that it is their job,  but most nurses treat it as more than that.  The nurses that I have helped me have been so sweet.  For a while, there was nothing I could do by myself.  Having been given an epidural, and stitches in a very sensitive area, I had to keep clean.  I could not get out of bed by myself. I had to try to sleep and watch my newborn baby.  I had to seriously think about the act of peeing in order to do it!  It was crazy and I was helpless.  The nurses that took care of me were sweet and kind. They let me keep my dignity, even through the stitches, the pain, the complete confusion and exhaustion.  I will always be so grateful for the work and the effort that they give.

Arthur's baby ended up being something for which he was truly grateful.  In the end of the story, he feels the connection that he has to his new sister and isn't worried about things to come.One little bedtime book can bring back quite a swirl of memories.  Tonight, I got to hold my son and feed him his bottle as my husband read the story of a baby's birth to my daughter. My kids continue to grow and we are all gaining a rhythm together.  While my body is pretty well healed up now, I will never forget the comforting skill of the nurses that watched over me in the hospital.  In a small way, they will always be part of our family too because of the help that they have given.

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Liz said...

How sweet. I always feel bad for that first nurse that gets to help you to the bathroom as you attempt to re-learn how to go all over again.