Friday, September 20, 2013

T is for Tough - Quote of the Week #5

I need to get to know a lot more about Eleanor Roosevelt. From what I do know, The First Lady was a remarkable humanitarian who treated people equally.  She believed in speaking her mind and in kindness. That is the kind of attitude that I can get behind.

Lately, I have been struggling with feeling inferior. Normally, I can push beyond it and move on to brighter skies. Occasionally, the storm I'm under just sits over me and attempts to flood over and out. I thank my faith in God, my family, and good friends that I get through it.

'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent', including yourself. 

Much Love, ~ Susan

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

S is for stupid

I pride myself on being intelligent. When I was younger, I felt really smart. I did well in my classes and my teachers appreciated my work and my demeanor. I think that for the most part what they really enjoyed was that I was quiet and obedient.  As I grow older, I realize that I am not smart at all. I'm in fact, pretty stupid.

I have no real understanding of finances, I do not excel at a crafts. I find crafts useless most of the time. I cannot finish a video game. I am often incapable of doing my job correctly and make numerous mistakes a day. I cannot seem to make any continual effort to write.

I'm stuck where I am. I am lucky that I am alive and breathing. That I have clothes to wear. Although a lot of them don't fit and I seem incapable of keeping myself on a healthy diet and exercise plan in order to loose the 60 plus pounds that I have gained in the past 8 years.

I have nothing that makes me special and unique beyond my DNA and fingerprints.  I am average. Horribly, awfully average.

My attempt at writing this blog is pure futility.  While I have gotten a little bit more prolific, I still don't write much and I'm not even sure what to write about.  Why write when no one will read or care about what you have posted?  When doing so will get you in trouble with who knows who.

There is a voice inside my head that I wish I could turn off. It says, "You're stupid. You're stupid. You're stupid!"

I wish I was joking. I wish this was fiction, but it is not.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quote of the Week, 4

It has been awhile since I on got on here and did much of anything. The past month has been very busy. My parents left on a trip and my mother-in-law came down to take care of the kids while we were at work.  It meant having to take care of organizing a room for her so that she could be comfortable for her stay.

My husband and I were very grateful to have her here. She is a delight to be around and is very helpful.  it was important for me to have her room be a pleasant spot.  She came down here and is devoting a full month of here time to watch her grandchildren. Our house is usually messy(toddler and a baby plus both parents working full-time), so this required a lot of cleaning.

This quote, which hangs in my cubicle at work, reminds me that the visual of an item has nothing to do with how it is registered. My mother-in-law probably doesn't look at my house and see the little messes here and there. She in fact tells me quite frequently how amazed she is at how I take care of the kids.  I know she is being sincere.

What you see, what you make out of what is in front of you, is what is important. Where one person may see a messy home, another sees a loving home.  Where I see all my weaknesses, someone else might see my strengths. Do not forget the things that you see.  

Stop 'looking', start 'seeing'.