Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Greek Yogurt

Having recently discovered the amazing properties of greek yogurt,(thick, creamy, savory, protein packed), I also discovered that it's price tends to be twice that of your average cup of cultured dairy!

Luckily, The 99 cents Only Store continually packs name brand yogurt at $39 cents a container compared to the $1.00 or so you would pay elsewhere. So far, I have seen Athenos and Yoplait available on a weekly basis. They also have regular Yoplait yogurt available often.

Usually flavors can be limited as the 99 cent store seems to carry items that were overstocked at other stores and close to their expiration date. Normally, yogurt can be eaten up to one week after it's "best by" stamp date and I usually see items within a week of even hitting that date. Despite these limitations, as some may call them, I have enjoyed a variety of good yogurt at 50-60% off the regular market price. Delicious!

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