Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dino Sandwich 2.0!

Sometimes a sandwich cut into the shape of a Dinosaur just isn't enough. Sometimes you have more time to play with the food you are about to serve.

  • First, make the sandwich as you normally would. In this case - I took some peanut butter chocolate spread and put it in between some Country White bread.

  • I used my little dinosaur sandwich cutter and went to work with the decorations. I ended up using the silver jimmies to make spikes on one dinosaur and spots on the other.  I gently pushed the spots down onto the dinosaur's back.

  • The other dinosaur got spikes via a gentle nudge of sprinkles onto his back.  Two tiny blue sprinkles made perfect eyes.

These little dinosaurs make a cute change up.  Feel free to use whatever you have on hand to jazz up your sandwiches.  Look at what you have in the cupboards to add to your sandwiches.  Sometimes just decorating the plate can spice things up for your little eater.

Hopefully this takes the tediousness out of lunch for you.  Feel free to share any more ideas that you have in the comments section.

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